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Manual Penalty Check

We analyse your webmaster accounts to identify if there are any manual actions imposed on your website.

Algorithm Penalty

We'll determine what penalty is imposed on your website and then we'll create a detailed strategy to rectify it.

Content Analysis

We assess your content if it is overly keyword dense / promoted of spam content. We'll give suggestions on improvement.

Audit bad backlinks

We analyse your webmaster accounts to identify if there's any manual actions imposed on your website.

Disavow bad backlinks

With low-quality backlinks that cannot be easily removed, we'll disavow a list of bad backlinks for removal.

Periodic Link Review

We'll show you how to identify good & bad links with our comprehensive guide so you can disavow them.

What is SEO Penalty Recovery?

To put it short, a SEO Penalty or Search Engine Penalty such as Google Penalty or Bing Penalty is basically a Search Engine identifying your website violating their Web guidelines. This could be due to two main reasons, the utilisation of manipulative methods to increase your website’s search engine rankings or your website has a poor user experience when people visit your website.


Our SEO Penalty Recovery service identifies and gets rid of any toxic or harmful links that’s pointing to your website. If you’re seeing a drop in traffic or your rankings for specific keywords related to your website have been completely removed, you may be ‘penalised’ by search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

How does somebody get Penalised by Search Engines like Google or Bing?

To expand on what we mentioned above, a website can be penalised due to two reasons – applying ‘blackhat’ marketing tactics or offering a poor web experience to your website visitors. Your website could be affected by two ways, Manual penalisation action or algorithm penalty.


A Manual penalty is when someone who works at either Google or Bing manually reviews your website and its link portfolio and deem your website as violating their Web guidelines. A algorithm penalty is when your website triggered a filter or action that a search engine’s algorithm was programmed to identify and follow common footprints to deem the website as violating a specific web guideline.


To determine if you’ve been penalised by Google or Bing, you can check if:

    1. You received an email or Webmaster tool notification that there’s been unusual activity / web spam from your website (usually manual penalty);
    2. There’s a sudden drop in traffic / enquiries from a specific time / date which closely aligns with Google’s algothirm update;
    3. Sudden drop in search engine rankings from 10 to 100 in search engine ranking position;
    4. You can’t see your website on any search engine results. Try search and see if there’s anything that shows or certain pages that don’t come up in the search results.

Things to look out for that could potentially cause my website to be penalised?

According to Google, the search engine updates its algorithms (positive / negative) over 500 times a year! Imagine not knowing if one day that you may violate rules and be penalised for it!


That is why we identify the major updates that could potentially affect our clients and update and manage the changes to avoid any penalisation.


Here are the tactics that may potentially cause you to be violating Google or Bing’s web guidelines:


  1. Link-building schemes;
  2. Keyword stuffing/hiding text links;
  3. Copying existing content;
  4. Abusing META tags such as Schema;
  5. Minimal to no content on a webpage;
  6. Spamming on the web;
  7. Heavy affiliate-based content.
Google Panda Penalty - Overview
SEO Penalty Recovery 1

The Google Panda Algorithm  assess a number of on-page factors and website usability. This means it looks for spammy / over-optimised content, misuse of META tags, schemas, page-speed, user-friendly experience (navigation structure), and other elements that assist with on-page factors.

How do we recover from Google Panda Penalty?
If it is confirmed you’ve been hit by Google Panda, we’ll assist you by making your website compliant with the algorithm. Out of the algorithm updates, Panda is more of a devalue of your site. This means that we can assist you get your ranking back or higher by:
  1. Analysing your website and evaluating your webpages and scoring them;
  2. Check for overall site speed performance and for specific web-pages;
  3. Rewrite content for main pages;
  4. Remove or redirect pages that isn’t content heavy or doesn’t warrant a page itself.
Google Penguin Penalty - Overview
SEO Penalty Recovery 2

Google Penguin Algorithm was introduced in 2012 to combat webmasters who manipulated Google’s search engine ranking factors by engaging in un-natural volume or attaining of backlinks. Google now looks at the quality of the links rather than just the sheer volume of backlinks you have.

How do we recover from Google Penguin Penalty?
If we can confirmed you’ve been hit by Google Penguin, the process is much different than any other penalty updates. As we’ll be analysing the off-page ranking factors and dealing with 3rd party webmasters in attempting to remove links. Here are the things we’ll do:
  1. Manually analyse your back linking profile and categorise each link profile in a group;
  2. Investigate the negative link group and review the source and note any contact details to attempt to remove your link;
  3. Prepare a ‘disavow’ strategy to let Google know to ignore the backlinks that cannot be manually removed;
  4. Repeat and ensure that your link profile is clean.
SEO Penalty Recovery 3

How long does the SEO penalty recovery take?

That’s the million-dollar question – how long does it take to recover from a search engine penalty? The simple & straightforward answer is, it’s impossible to give a definite answer. Just like SEO or Local SEO It could take 2 weeks from up to 6 months.

There’s no simple quick-fix solution, it’s more about a process and complying with a regime that is constantly improving your website’s health. Whether that be removing negative/spammy backlinks or improving your website content and user-experience journey.

It truly does take time, since search engines like Google will cache and index your changes throughout the course of action. Thus, seeing you making progressive changes, Google will identify this and slowly improve your site’s visibility.

There’s is no way to speed up this process but only to follow a strict strategy and rectify priority site issues and monitor the positive effects it has on your website.

SEO Penalty Recovery 4
SEO Penalty Recovery 5
SEO Penalty Recovery 3

Can’t wait or seems your website is too far gone? Fresh start solution!

If you can’t wait or we identify your website is too far gone i.e. too much spammy backlinks and it’ll take too much time, effort, and money to remove. Then an alternative way is to start fresh by buying a new domain name, hosting, and new website template.

Now this option may not be ideal since your website domain name is basically your business name and/or you have a high value domain name. But note that even though we could help you bounce back from the penalty, there is a probability that your website may not be truly 100% healthy.

Discuss with us your options on determining the advantages and disadvantages of either fixing up the affected domain name or opting for a fresh domain.


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