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We'll do keyword research to ensure you rank for words that customers are actually searching for!

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We'll assist your business in being seen by Google's 'Map Pack' by performing local citations.

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We'll perform effective holistic link building strategies that will outrank any of your direct competitors.

We focus on the whole aspect of what SEO does.

To rank on a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) is just the first aspect of what we do. At si6media, we focus on the whole picture and see what we can do for your business.


Each and every one of our clients receives a tailored SEO strategy that is suitable for their industry, business goals, and market. We help build businesses online without the hefty agency standard prices!


Here are the services we can help you with:

We help boost our client's rankings!

Nowadays customers are getting smarter, wiser, and more cautious. Before they commit to purchasing something, enquiring about a service, or supplying their information to a business they want to ensure that the business is reputable, honest, top notch, and provides #1 customer service.


Your business may be able to tick all the boxes but what if they can’t find you over all the noise on the search engine results? Should your business suffer the ‘next best secret’ syndrome because your competitors are shown above you in the search page results?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be one of the most crucial parts of growing a business online. At si6media, we can assist you boost your rankings up so you can be seen by customers interested in your products/services.

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100% utmost care and 24/7 communication.

We believe customer service should be a given in the digital age. Whether you need a question answered at 3am in the morning, or wanting to run something with us on New Years Eve. We are here to assist you at any given time.

Data-driven Website Optimisation

We never treat our clients as test bunnies. We analyse data based on your industry; given that its first, secondary, or third data sources. We will ensure that we have your industry covered.

We know the income generating goal

Our service is not just a one-stop shop where you increase your rankings and set you off on your own way. We provide other services such as Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, Conversion Rate Optimisation, and Lead Generation.

Why choose Si6media as your premier SEO service agency?

At Si6media, our clients are treated with 100% utmost care. We go above and beyond for our clients even though our pricing model doesn’t represent our commitment.


Our clients aren’t seen as numbers, but as each individual with seperate goals to reach. We are 100% serious in what we preach and practice. We DO NOT take on every business out there. We set a limit of amount of businesses in the same industry/area to avoid self-competition.

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Check out our articles that we routinely update with tips and tricks on how to promote your business.

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