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As a Brisbane SEO expert, we understand that businesses are looking for digital media solutions for one main reason – to increase digital sales and leads. I have been providing Digital Marketing solutions to businesses across the globe for over 10 years.


I have worked and been exposed to various industries, which has given me extensive experience in tailoring solutions that have proven to excel in my client’s search rankings and overall marketing presence.


Why choose me as your Brisbane SEO Expert

I take a result-driven approach to generate long-lasting and life-changing positive effects on your business.
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Every piece of work done, links created, links disavowed, or search keyword increased will be recorded and reported for your peace of mind.


Doing SEO on a whim is a recipe for disaster. Research is done through 1st to 3rd source data to ensure every aspect of maximising SEO is covered.


What sets me apart from big agencies is the care I provide to my clients. Whatever question or query you have, I will be on call/text/email to answer.


I utilise agency-use technologies to create my clients a custom SEO strategy for maximum search engine visibility - NOT just on Google!


My goal is to ensure my client's success, future growth, and increase in revenue.

I am committed to ensuring my clients achieve their end goal results and success in search engine optimisation. My goal for each individual client is to receive the notability for providing quality products/services by being top of the search engine results.

I Believe In Clarity

Clarity and transparency are key; I believe in ensuring the client should be on the same page in terms of what’s being done.

I Believe In Excellence

With over 10 years of experience and certified as a Google Partner, I believe clients deserve only the best expert in the digital marketing field.

I Believe In Devotion

Each client requires different tactics and strategies, regardless. I ensure that every client has a tailored SEO strategy for their needs.

I Believe In Creativity

thinking outside the box is what sets me apart from other consultants and agencies. Every strategy is tailored for that particular client.

Where it all started.

A timeline of the beginning
of my Brisbane SEO career.

March 2005

Where it began

Back in 2005, I was exposed to HTML coding (thanks to Myspace!). I would edit mine and my mate’s profiles with crazy designs and flying gifs everywhere and put my profile link at the footer.

When requests started flowing in, I had an idea where I would charge a commission to edit people’s profile pages. This was my first exposure to marketing and coding.

January 2007

The learning curve

I was exposed to affiliate marketing by accident. One of my Myspace clients wanted their profile page to have links where it would lead up to a sales page for some product.

The thing is, it wasn’t their product. He would earn an 80% commission for every sale whoever went through their link and successfully bought a product.

I was hooked, not long then I started building specific ‘micro-sites’ promoting casino, adult (it paid well!), and self-help well-being ebooks.

April 2009

Combining SEO and Affiliate Marketing

My micro-sites were doing good, but not great. Traffic was not as much as I expected. So a simple “how to rank a website higher on Google” led me to some brand new marketing strategy known as “Search Engine Optimisation” aka SEO.

Fascinated with strategy but still a bit apprehensive of SEO because of something so life changing that I can do. So I decided to bite the bullet and do it on the adult dating micro-site since it wasn’t bringing me much commission.

December 2009

My rise to SEO and Digital Marketing

After 9 months, the adult micro-site had ranked on page 1 for informational keywords such as ‘best dating websites 2009’, ‘best online dating sites’, ‘brand name reviews’ etc. I had various offers to sell/promote dating websites directly from companies.

But after 9 months of constantly competing with other websites with deeper wallets and fighting off negative SEO smear campaigns. I’ve had enough of affiliate marketing.

I started to delve into Digital marketing, specifically SEO. I started approaching businesses who were spending money on advertising and offered my SEO services.

September 2011

My downfall on SEO

This marks the time I fell into Google’s penalty updates utilising 2009 SEO tactics in 2011. My affiliate micro-sites were manually penalised, my client’s corporate websites were hit by Google’s Panda update. It was all my fault. Too proud to keep up to date with SEO strategies because I followed the old mentality of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

I spoke to all my clients and most were understanding and knew I would fix up my mess. I vowed to fix up their websites free of charge and until the damage was rectified.

So back to ground-zero, I decided to reach out to the professionals in the industry for guidance. I learnt more about SEO from others than learning it myself. I had learned to appreciate the craft rather than seeing it as just a tool to rank up on search engines.

I was eventually able to recover 98% of my client’s website that were potentially or already affected by the update.

June 2015

Headhunted as a SEO expert

With over 30 clients retaining my SEO services, I was headhunted for a digital agency to become their Brisbane SEO expert. I declined because of the biased views from my clients telling me agencies were just in it for the ‘money’ rather than the passion.

I decided to take up an offer for a full-time role as a digital marketer at a State Government agency while I maintained my consultancy gig.

Current 2019

My life as a Brisbane SEO expert

As of today, my clients range from small boutique online businesses to major multinational organisations looking for expertise in SEO.

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