Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a set of industry best web practices that allow content on your website to be discovered, read, and understood by customers / visitors. It is then ranked against similar websites like yours on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.



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SEO Plus


/ monthly

  • Up to 5 targeted keywords
  • 30 day action plan
  • 20 hours of dedicated work

SEO Premium


/ monthly

  • Up to 7 targeted keywords
  • 30 day action plan
  • 25 hours of dedicated work

SEO Platinum


/ monthly

  • Up to 10 targeted keywords
  • 30 day action plan
  • 40 hours of dedicated work

A Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency
that’s all about ROIs and Results. No Fillers. No BS!

Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. Imagining standing out from the crowd in Google? With a global reach and not limited to locality, you need a SEO agency that knows what they’re doing and here to guide you.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as others would know, is a marketing strategy The Australian Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – Business recognises as a prominent strategy to increase your website traffic and overall marketing strategy.


According to Google, there’s over 5.6 billion search queries being made per day – is your business readily visible? As a premier SEO Agency in Brisbane, we are here to help you directly target your audience who are searching for your services or products. Book an SEO consultant with a Brisbane SEO agency and discover how we can turn your online presence into revenue for your business.

Why choose Si6media as your preferred Brisbane SEO consultant?

Fast results for your SEO campaign guaranteed within 90 days!

At Si6media we are confident that you’ll see results for your website on Google and many other major search engines. We are offering a 90 day ranking guarantee!


With over 100 clients successfully marketed since 2009, we know we can get your website to rank high on the 1st page, and we back it up with our 90 Day Ranking Guarantee.


You’ll see your website ranking on the first to second pages of Google, Yahoo, or Bing within 90 days for at least one of the keyword terms* we target, or you will continue performing SEO for FREE until one of the keyword terms receives a ranking result from one of the major search engines.

Simple fixed-fee pricing structure.
No-locked in contracts.

The cost of SEO can vary between $500 to over $20,000+ per month which is all dependant on the size of the business, industry, competitiveness, and services selected.


Our monthly SEO retainer start from $1600 per month. While the cost may be more costly than other SEO agencies in Australia. However, you will be working with a SEO professional with over 10 years experience in digital marketing. 


Your SEO project won’t be pushed off to some intern or junior SEO to perform one of the most crucial marketing strategies that would make or break your website visiblity.

Track your results
with accurate reporting.

It’s common for SEO agencies to only just give their clients access to reports and SEO rank tracking at the end of each month. This is to hide the lack of servicing and SEO performance priority throughout the month.


At si6media, we provide our clients with a unique link to view how their rankings are going – whenever and wherever they want. We also have a management system that allows our clients to see how the progress of a project or task is going. Additional service requests etc.


All of the features are complimentary included with all our SEO services.

* Keyword terms are selected as part of a collaboration between Si6media and our clients, based on several ranking factors. Our 90 Day Ranking Guarantee does not apply to websites that have been blacklisted or penalized by any of the search engines. SEO must not be performed simultaneity with other agencies while we work on your SEO strategy.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) worth looking at for your business?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most essential digital marketing strategy that any commercial / personal / non-profit business should adapt.


Search Engines – which includes Google, Bing, Yahoo; is still one of the biggest sources for website traffic. Being seen in-front of your competitors is one of the better advantages to have when it comes to competing online.


SEO should always be considered when deciding to finding new customers or looking to generate results online.

Will Search Engine Optimisation increase your website traffic?

In short, yes! Search Engine Optimisation can increase a website’s traffic.


However, there’s a difference between increasing website traffic and improving website traffic. At si6media, our focus is to not only increase website traffic, but also to improve current and potential website traffic.


Our techniques involve a combination of various SEO techniques which indicates to Search Engines such as Google / Bing etc to rank your website accordingly based on key phrases and content related to the customer’s search query.

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

Are all Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services all the same?

The short answer – No.


Many digital agencies will promise a “guarantee” or all these “greater results” promises that will in turn increase your business in sales and revenue when providing their Search Engine Optimisation services.


The issue with that is most agencies will fail to deliver results. Which in turns could mean you have already initially invested and need to invest more to even see a trickle of results or need to cut losses which in both situations could end up with a hefty bill.


At Si6media, we stick to our words and so confident that we ensure you a “guarantee” of results within 90 days or we work for free until we see changes within the search engine rank position.



Review & AnalysisSEO PlusSEO Premium Most PopularSEO Platinum
Number of focused keywords to optimise (under 1M results)5710
In-depth Keyword Research (informative + intention) Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Website Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Backlink Analysis (negative + positive) Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Search Engine Penalty Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Direct Competitive Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Internal Link Structure Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Duplicate Content Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Traffic Source Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
On-Page Optimisation   
Number of focused pages to optimiseUp to 10 pagesup to 20 pagesup to 30 pages
Meta tags optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Schema Markup creation + optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Content with keypharse inclusion Optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Robots.txt + searh engine bot crawl optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Sitemap.xml optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Media optimisation Check Mark Check Mark
Duplicate link disavow + 301 redirect Check Mark
Internal link re-structure & optimisation Check Mark
Link Building / Online Presence   
Outreach Guest Posting135
Search Engine Submission51015
Social Bookmarking Links102050
Infographics Creation + Submission1 infographic / 5 submissions2 infographic / 10 submissions3 infographics / 15 submissions
Web 2.0 Profile Creation / Link51525
Article creation + submissions1 article / 5 submissions2 articles / 10 submissions3 articles / 15 submissions
Premium Press Release Campaign1
Si6media Secret Sauce   
Days of duration51530
Monthly fee *$1600 / MonthSubscribe$2000 / MonthSubscribe$3200 / MonthSubscribe

Monthly fee * – A 30 day subscription will be created on a month to month basis. We recommend that a minimum of 6 months investment into our LOCAL SEO services to fully immerse and take full advantage of the results.


One-time fee ** – A once-off service fee which involves utilising the service for 30 days. We only recommend you select this offer if you wish to test out our services or wanting a boost up on your existing SEO.


Increasing traffic & revenue.

The top position doesn’t matter if you’re not converting them into sales or enquiries. We focus on conversion optimisation, user experience, and engagement.

Integration into your marketing strategy.

SEO is all about integration. Advertising, branding, content, digital media all requires SEO. We don’t focus on just ranking your website but how it’ll integrate with other startegic approaches.

A specialised marketing skill.

Just like servicing a car, it requires a certain person with a specialised trade to perform the tasks. Sure you can do it yourself – but just like any trade, things can go wrong. We live and breathe SEO. We know what works, what doesn’t, and what is required of a website to greatly improve their SEO.


Ranking on #1 for keywords

With being on #1 of search engines, it requires a more thoroughly analysis of Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and Goals achieved (Sales, enquiries) to remain on top.

About link building

Link creation is just 1 the 100s of SEO principles to follow. We don’t solely focus on link creation, we turn your website in a authorative behemoth which in turns builds both links and branding at the same time!

Impressing search engines only.

Our main focus is to attract real people to visit your website to fill out forms, purchase products, and/or make bookings. Our SEO approach is to ensures that we don’t forget about the end-goal rather than impressing search engines to position your website on the top.

What is our process to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

We understand our clients may not be well-versed or not understand SEO at all. Our goal for Search Engine Optimisation is to ensure that it’s simple yet effective. We show search engines that your business deserves to be shown to hungry potential customers looking for your particular type of services/products.


We do this by:

  1. Fulfilling relevant customer wants, needs, issues, and goals through user-friendly structural designs which are focused on a consumer perspective;
  2. Combining exact match keywords with well-blended keywords that fit into your content;
  3. effective internal and external link building strategies that will only be benefical for your web presence;
  4. Improving and utilising schema tags, analytical interpretation, and link structure map;
  5. Encouraging title and description tags that show relevance and enticement from the search engine results.


See below our process step for SEO;

01. Website SEO Audit & Strategic Planning

Our SEO specialists will conduct an extensive website audit utilising our unique SEO strategy to identify issues that we can fix that will improve the conversion rate / traffic increase.

We believe our consultants can assist your website in identifying key areas to improve to increase sales and revenue.

  1. Receive a tailored SEO and competitor analysis report;
  2. We will identify which keywords and location your competitors are targeting / ranking for;
  3. Receive a proven-track record SEO strategy that you can implement or that we can.
02. Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Our team will then analyse and research relevant keyword structure to implement to the SEO strategy. We will then do competitor analysis research and find hot and potential areas to improve on.

03. Optimise website pages

After the keyword analysis, we’ll then analyse your website thoroughly using our 50 point audit checklist. This is to ensure that all aspects of on-page optimisation is covered and we gather the necessary information to tailor your SEO strategy to your situation.

04. Internal + External Link building

We then build a mind-map / internal spider-linking structure on the website’s architecture. This is to ensure when we do external link building that all the ‘link juice’ is passed throughout the website and not to just one main page.


For external link building – based on your industry, we build a diverse portfolio of links to establish or increase your website’s online presence. Link structures may include social, outreach / influencers, content marketing, citations etc.

05. Tracking & Evaluating Results

Lastly, our clients have access to a private link to access their search engine rankings. We also provide instructions on how to do your own search query to ensure your rankings are seen at a viewer’s perspective or at a specific viewer’s location / city.


How Your Website Is Performing?

5 Reasons why you need Search Engine Optimisation.


Increase in credibility & trust for your branding


SEO provides an avenue to increase the credibility of your brand. SEO creates an ever lasting place in the heart of your customers by providing useful and relevant information.


Establishing a brand as an authority in your industry takes patiences, effort, and comment. The reward of building trust is offering valuable product and service experience for customers.


Search is argubly the primary source of website traffic


Nowadays people are relying on the internet to source information for their answers. Whether its checking for the news, finding reviews on a product / service, or looking for ideas to purchase.


Being highly visible as a trusted and reliable source on search engines such as Google / Bing is very beneficial to show you in-front of customers looking for information relevant to your business.


SEO is relatively cost-effective


SEO in the grand scheme of things is relatively cost-effective when compared to other marketing costs. It is more of a business investment since the return is so far greater in growth and generation than other marketing strategies.


A Good and constant effort of SEO implementation holds for years to comes and just like other business investments – more attention and investment something gets – the better.


If you’re not on the first page of search engine results – you’re missing out on potential customers


Study shows that the first three spots of the organic search result position receives nearly 40% of all clicks, and the remaining 1st page spots receive 30%. After the 1st page, the percentage goes from limited to nil.


Being on the first page will undoubtedly impact the customer buying journey in a positive way, allowing them to find businesses like yours.


SEO is key for targeting locals in your area


Focusing on Local SEO allows you to optimise your digital presence for a specific location, so people within the area can find you easier. Local optimisation focuses on the specific location, to establish a viable branding opportunity and message on a local level.


A strong emphasis on user reviews promote engagement and trust throughout your brand presence. The better your brand is promoted, the more opportunities for local SEO will arise to help your business thrive.

SEO Services Brisbane

A great looking website is not enough to compete or be seen in today's digital world. If your website isn't receiving organic traffic through search engines, then we can assist you with this with our following SEO services.


Your website updated for the implementation of our powerful SEO strategy for content and keyword optimisation.


We'll take an in-depth analysis in identifying top competitors to understand their efforts in SEO and what areas are they lacking in to out-perform them.


With a monthly report tailored to each SEO client gives an in-depth breakdown of our efforts and the results of the website is achieving.


We analyse your current SERP and identify the efforts that would be required to achieve higher search rank positioning on search engines.


Content is king. It is crucial aspect when it comes to SEO because it determines the site's ranking in search engines. We'll place relevant keywords that relates to the article.


We'll create external linking strategies to improve the site's off-page presence and connecting the website to relevant digital channels.


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