Do I really need an SEO audit for my website?

Knowing the status of your website’s health is crucial and should be the first steps taken before any marketing tactics commence.


While other agencies offer free SEO audits, they are usually computer generated and usually missing out on crucial errors. At Si6media we provide a comprehensive + manual SEO audit and milestone action plan which is valuable to anyone who is serious about their online presence.


Our SEO audit reveals detailed information about your website. Whether it’s been penalised by search engines, requires a server upgrade, or just general issues that need attention.

What exactly is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit analyses your website’s coding architecture, website speed, META title, META description, headings/content, keyword usage, and user experience. In short, an SEO audit is a health check-up for your website. Similar to how you’d go to a mechanic for a routine car service, to check if there’s an issue with your car and fix them before any further damages. In an SEO audit perspective, getting SEO or any other marketing strategy may not be as effective while your website isn’t operating to its maximum performance and optimisation.


Also, an SEO Audit is crucial when it comes to ranking on major search engines such as Google. The audit can identify if your website is breaking any violations as a webmaster that’s been set-out by Search Engines such as Google’s Guidelines.


Ignoring to follow the guidelines that Search Engines set for webmasters (website owners) just like yourselves. There’s a high chance that your website is suffering in competing with other competitors in ranking due to procedures or critical website issues not being amended or fixed to be compliant. The reason why Search Engines set such a web standard and rules for webmasters is to create a universal user-friendly experience for visitors using their search platform. Webmasters who follow the rules / apply web-standard practices are rewarded by showing above others due to relevance and overall quality of website health.


Common issues that an SEO audit can discover:

01. Website Speed & Page Load Time

Website speed is one of the major element that can affect your website from showing up in the top search results of any search engine platform. Popular CDN provider Cloudflare main service proposition is to optimise your website’s speed. As in 2010, Google announced that site speed would be factored into their search rankings.


Fast load time is a crucial factor; If your website or any of its cornerstone pages are remotely slower than your competitors, search engines may favour your competitors above your website due delivering a seamless and positive experience to their visitors by showing optimised and relevant websites on top.

02. Website Content & META tag implementation

An SEO audit can help you anaylse whether or not your website’s content structure is adhereing to web-standard practices. As the old saying goes – Content is King. If your website lacks quality content or relevance in what you’re promoting. It can absolutely affect the way your page/website is ranked for that particular search query.


Our SEO audit can identify and recommend what changes can be made, and what opportunities can be explored to be fully optimised for both human and Search Engine index bots.

03. Keyword Strategy & Implementation

If ‘content is king’ then ‘keyword relevance is the crown’What’s a king without their crown? Content requires structure, relevance, and a keyword direction. This is to notify search engine what purpose the website/webpage serves and when to show the content in search queries.


Our SEO audit can assist in identifying what keyword each page is shown thoroughout the page. We then analyse each webpage and determine what the content’s purpose and report back to you. If the content’s message isn’t what it suppose to be conveying to humans and search engine. We can recommend what changes are necessary in aligning the page towards its intended focus.

Our SEO Auditing service pricing

Starter SEO Audit

Great for businesses with small websites or get audits done regularly.


Premier SEO Audit

Ideal for businesses with an outdated website looking to refresh.


Professional SEO Audit

Great for businesses with newly created or medium-to-large websites


What is our process to SEO Audit?


Technical SEO Audit


A guideline on web-standard practices is set by Search Engines which shows what technical aspects a website should follow. This is to assist webmasters create a human & robot friendly environment for visitors to have a positive experience and robots to properly crawl and index your website properly.


Utilising our technical SEO audit allows webmasters to see all technical issues related to SEO and other important site aspects that may be hindering your website’s ranking performance in showing up on top of the search engine results. Our approach is both hands-on and utilisation of sophisticated tools to process through multiple factors that is important.


After so, we then provide you our findings and recommendations through our simple-yet-efficient format that can be followed by you or your webmaster to implement. All our SEO recommendations and findings are graded and ranked by crucial to recommended fixes which allows you to prioritise which item to focus on first.


Competitive Analysis


Whether you’re the market leader, uprising star, or newcomer to your industry; Not knowing what your online competitors are doing is a sure way to be surpassed by them.


Our competitor analysis provide a great in-depth insight on their backlinks, ranking positions (for specific keywords), and content structure. Understanding your online competitor’s SEO presences and efforts is important to identify potential SEO avenues that can be applied to your own SEO efforts.


Additionally, potential new keywords may be discovered which can be applied towards your SEO strategy and take tips on how their landing pages are ranking highly on search engines.


Backlinking Audit


Our backlink audit analyses your website’s link portfolio to check all the links that is either linking back to your website or a specific page within your website. Although, the purpose of the link audit is to check for any unwanted or spammy links pointing to the website and eliminate them from linking to your website. This is due to the negative aspects unwanted / spammy links is associated with keeping these types of links.


Google’s Penguin Algorithm sees these type of spammy / low relevance / low quality links as a negative connotation on your SEO. If any spammy / unwanted links are found, our efforts is to provide recommendations on how to remove it via asking the webmasters to remove the link manually or advise Google Search Console to remove/discount it from your backlink portfolio.


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