Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Local Search Engine Optimisation or Local SEO is a marketing strategy that assist in your local business online, as it helps aligns businesses with local customers who are looking for your products / services online.


Establish a business profile on search engine listed business pages.


Submitting to local directories will ensure your business search visibility is improved.


Showing up on a highly competitive top 3 search engine's map position.


Social media presence that links your brand will ensure a higher visibility in Local SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation

Help your customers find you today!

Local SEO is a specialised marketing strategy that focuses on businesses who are looking to target customers in a specific location. Which means we can align you to customers who are local to your target area instead of showing your business to a customer on the other side of the country.


By utilsing a local SEO strategic approach, our Brisbane Local SEO team will assist you in:


    1. Gaining local visibility with the people in your targeted location who would most likely purchase / sign up to your product or services.


  1. The opportunity to gain local recommendations from friends and family who live nearby.

Increasing your site traffic, leads, and brand awareness.

Local SEO can bring in new targeted and local website visitors. This in turns can get your business an increase in leads and calls, grow your online sales, and increase your branding throughout your local area.


Local map listings rankings carry more weight than traditional SEO. We will make sure that your local SEO is brought out exactly what is needed for your search engine strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

Is Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) worth looking at for your business?

Local Search Engine Optimisation (Local SEO) is one of the most targeted and essential marketing strategy that is a vital part for any local business.


Local businesses such as Plumbers, hairdressers, tradies or any other businesses whos customers are more local than national would benefit more with Local SEO than traditional SEO.


In short – Local SEO assists businesses get found. It’s a bridge between your online business website towards your ideal customer. Boosting your local search visibility allows you to receive targeted website traffic, more inclined and interested customers, and increased in brand awareness in the local area.



Number of focused keywords to optimise (under 1M results)102030
In-depth Keyword Research (informative + intention) Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Website Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Backlink Analysis (negative + positive) Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Search Engine Penalty Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Direct Competitive Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Internal Link Structure Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Duplicate Content Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Traffic Source Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
On-Page Optimisation   
Number of focused pages to optimiseUp to 5 pagesup to 10 pagesup to 15 pages
Meta tags optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Schema Markup creation + optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Content with keypharse inclusion Optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Robots.txt + searh engine bot crawl optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Sitemap.xml optimisation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Media optimisation Check Mark Check Mark
Duplicate link disavow + 301 redirect Check Mark
Internal link re-structure & optimisation Check Mark
Local Search Optimisation   
Locations Optimised1Up to 3Up to 5
Search Engine Business Profiles - Optimised Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Google Map Embedded - Optimised Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Locally optimised webpage for each location Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Off-page Optimisation   
Local citation submissions152535
Website Social bookmarking submissions152535
Classified submissions51015
Si6media Secret Sauce   
Days of duration102030
Monthly fee *$899 / MonthSubscribe$1399 / MonthSubscribe$1899 / MonthSubscribe

Monthly fee * – A 30 day subscription will be created on a month to month basis. We recommend that a minimum of 6 months investment into our LOCAL SEO services to fully immerse and take full advantage of the results.


One-time fee ** – A once-off service fee which involves utilising the service for 30 days. We only recommend you select this offer if you wish to test out our services or wanting a boost up on your existing SEO.

What is our process to Local Search Engine Optimisation (Local SEO)?


Online Reputation Management


When it comes to online – vouchability and trustworthiness is king. Customer reviews – which is tricky to get, but scary to receive/read hoping it’s positive instead of negative.


We provide a solid online reputation management to reduce negative reviews and process on how to manage / react to them and a solid strategy to attract more reviews which in turns increase the trustworthiness of your business online.


Performance Insight reporting


We’ll make sure that we track each and every enquiry, phone call, and search ranking position that your website receives. You will not be left in the dark or not know where the incoming enquiries are coming from.


Our promise to ensure you know where you stand and show proof that our local SEO services is a business investment not a marketing costs.


Search Engine Business Profiles


We will optimise your Search Engine Business profiles to increase your search visibility and presence on the Search Engine platforms. Which in turns helps Google My Business, Bing Webmaster Tools, and other search engine platforms show your business listing on their local map pack.


The local map pack is a listing above the organic searches. There’s only 3 positions to be listed on the local map listing. We will help you make the most of your business listings by analysing your competitors, draft compelling content, and build your business reviews.


Local link building


According to the Australian Government – Digital Guides, backlinking is one of the most important factors for ranking highly for local search results. Most businesses fail to do proper backlinking or turn to off-shore companies who don’t give a rats about the business.


We’ve been trusted to work on Australia’s biggest brands, small and medium businesses. We can help you grow and create quality backlinks to your website.


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